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Mayagie candles

You have just entered a universe of luxury of Magic of sensory spirituality, coming to mix the flame and the divine. Mayagie spiritual candles are as much a natural product with quality scented products, with natural aromas.

A selection of our luxurious spiritual candles.

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The best Mayagie candles

Mayagie spiritual candles are handmade in an artisanal way with noble materials based on vegetable soy wax respecting the interior environment without altering the unique olfactory signature of our scents. Natural flavors, as well as natural beeswax or soy wax. 

The olfactory selection was made with perfumes and perfumers from the Grasse region in France.
Our scented candles with the scents of Grasses are inimitable

Mayagie magic

All our spiritual candles are delivered with a secret of prayer in order to trigger when they are lit the esotericism for which they were designed during periods of the Moon favorable to energies.

A mystical combination of stones will enhance their spiritual powers.

By buying a Mayagie intention candle, you are not buying a simple scented candle or a decorative candle, but a sensory and magical experience, which has been worked to bring you results on your life path. Whether it’s sentimental, professional, or in your personal life.

Spiritual Mayagic

Mayagie and Spiritual Candles

Scented candles, accompanied by specific rites at each moment. Candles with vegetable and long-lasting wax.

To offer but not only…

A candle is always an important gift to offer, a detail that is always very well received. A candle to offer yourself or to offer to others, choose yours.


A candle for every occasion, we do not choose a candle at random. There is always an interest, whether it is the pot, the presence of the candle itself, the decoration and the perfume. Details of minerals and plants.

For us the scent has a very important impact on the perception of our candles.
When we open the Mayagie candles, it’s quite an experience. The boxes of spiritual candles contain sweet and bewitching scents, and it is when we take the jar off its lid that the power of natural scents comes to captivate us. That’s when you know you have to choose that candle.

The different types of candles

Do you know the different types of candles?

First of all, there are poured candles, these are candles whose preparation is poured, as its name suggests, into a container. These are easy to use candles. The wax will melt and liquefy while the wick will gradually burn, and spread the scents of the scents of Grasse.

Then we have the molded candle, this candle is first drawn in a silicone mold with various and varied shapes, or the candle is poured, and used as it is, without a container. We still advise you to use a candle holder for this type of candle.

The candle best known for its usefulness before, is the tealight candle, this candle as its name indicates it allowed to maintain the hot dish, on the table which was very practical. This kind of candles are candles which have a combustion between 5 and 8 hours and are used to being in small cylinders in metal shell

A warm interior

A candle offers as soon as it is lit a warmth and a life, whether with the movement of the flame that catches us, or for the golden color that invades the room where we are. Whether it is a candle that we will put in the garden for scents, or on a candle on a coffee table, the Mayagie candle always has a place at home.

Our Mayagie spiritual candles

Also known as energy candles, our Mayagie spiritual candles are filled with minerals and plants, in order to benefit from the benefits of nature.

Spiritual candles are candles that can help you according to the stones and plants that dress them but also the intentions associated with your own needs at the time of its use.

The elements of the candle, the natural essence of the candle, but also the choice of stones and plants is made according to ancestral Maya customs.

The properties of natural stones are defined by lithotherapy, (note this candle does not in any way replace medical advice)

Each candle has its own benefits, for work, for the person, for love, etc…

Come and try our candles.

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